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Our most attractive solution

The Geva-Bot Integrated Robotic System is equipped with a 1K, 2K or 3K liter water tank and up to 4 robots custom-made for the row width of the substructure

Highly efficient cleaning:

2,000 modules per hour / 16,000 modules per day (with Patroller 2000)

  • Water filter

  • Limescale filter

  • Professional water pump (5 P.S.I.)

  • Long water hose connected to the trailer


IRS in action

Suitable for large solar systems for the highest efficiency with the lowest effort


IRS - Integrated Robotic System

Extremely cost-effective solution for large solar systems


A tractor with at least 50 horsepower can tow the trailer. Alternatively, GEVA BOT can supply a small trailer which can be carried on a pickup truck

Approved by P.I. Berlin Lab
The world leading lab

12 month

50% with reservation and 50% prior to shipping

PO to shipping
30 days

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