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GEVA BOT is an experienced and successful supplier of semi-automatic and manual robotic cleaning solutions for solar systems with a revolutionary design and over 15 years experience globally, in 4 continents, large number of countries and large variety of climate conditions.

The GEVA BOT PATROLLER robot is configured for different applications: both ground and roof systems and both wet and dry cleaning.

GEVA BOT Company History Chart








Total global capacity of solar systems cleaned by GEVA BOT robots reaching 1GWp!

CE certifications granted for the GEVA BOT robot

First commercial use of the manual Telescope robot

GEVA BOT robots in use for cleaning a large portfolio of 300MWp solar systems in California USA

PI Berlin Lab successfully completed GEVA BOT robot tests

First GEVA BOT cleaning system starts use in USA and South America

First GEVA BOT cleaning system starts commercial use in Europe

First GEVA BOT cleaning system starts commercial use in Israel

GEVA BOT company was founded

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